We are a gospel-centered movement establishing liturgical, reformational neighborhood Anglican churches throughout metropolitan Washington.  Our churches enjoy dual ecclesial membership within the Anglican Church North America (ACNA) as well as the Province de l’Eglise Anglicane au Rwanda (PEAR).  We enjoy the friendship, pastoral care, and spiritual authority of our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Steven Breedlove. Steve is a veteran pastor and church planter, and he serves as both our overseer and mentor.


We are committed to an understanding of the gospel that brings God���������s renewal of all things, including personal, societal, and cultural, as well as creation itself, through Jesus Christ, the risen king. ��������������������������We adopt a “mere Christianity����������� approach to our faith, separating our distinctives from the essentials of our faith, giving priority to the beliefs and practices that unite all Christians.  As Anglicans, we place special emphasis on the reading and study of God’s Word. The Bible shapes our imagination, worship, values, practices and common life.  We love to see God at work in people and institutions. While we have modest expectations of our own abilities, we have enormous expectations for what the Lord will do.


We believe that church plants should grow out of a sustained missional presence in a community, and so we prioritize church plants in places where there is 1) a need for orthodox liturgical churches, 2) a critical mass of people who are already bearing fruit, 3) a passion to reach the lost and 4) a viable opportunity for a RenewDC church to flourish. We would rather plant ten churches of 300 people than one of 3000, because the limitations and opportunities presented by an urban ministry context demand smaller, more flexible parish churches that can adapt to the unique and varied characteristics of each neighborhood served. In other words, parish churches have the freedom to incarnate the one, true faith in unique ways that meet local needs. ����We celebrate the unique spiritual heritage of Christians in the Global South, particularly through our brothers and sisters in the Church of Rwanda.  We believe that Lord is at work in our own redemption and also in the redemption of the world. We long for that day when he makes all things new.

Community and Collaboration

We plant churches that are programmatically simple and community-oriented, embracing the truth that healthy churches are inherently inefficient, because relationships are inefficient. “God sets the lonely in families” (Ps 68:6). Our congregations exude a sense of family warmth in the midst of urban loneliness, and we welcome people into our churches through hospitality.  Though we plant churches with their own leadership and financial structures, we believe that we are better together, and so we place a high priority on partnership, serving the city as a family of churches, and seeking partnerships with other like-minded gospel-centered organizations.  Our pastors cultivate a common life together of prayer, worship, study, strategy and friendship, believing that this community strengthens and equips each to serve more effectively.


We strive to balance rootedness and relevance, engaging contemporary culture through a historically-informed worship and perspective. ��������We are liturgical and sacramental, practicing holistic Christian formation that involves the head, the heart, and the body, emphasizing imagination as well as information, and producing disciples with gospel-shaped desires. We don’t practice liturgical worship in order to appear sophisticated. Rather, we believe that liturgy is a form of hospitality, enabling people from all walks of life to participate together in worship.  We believe that liturgy is a valuable and important tool for discipleship, as what we say together in common prayer shapes what we believe and do as Christians.