“This city is home to some of the brightest, most ambitious, ideologically committed, and informed people in the United States. Learning to lead in this environment has been one of the most stretching and rewarding experiences of my life. Working with the Church of the Resurrection and the RenewDC team has been a tremendous privilege.”

The Rev. Matthew Anderson
Georgetown University

“To serve on the clergy team of the Church of the Resurrection was one of the most enriching experiences of my life in ministry. The vibrant spirituality, the self-effacing kingdom ethos and the warm-hearted, clear-eyed theological and pastoral discernment of my colleagues, and of the community at large, continue to shape and inspire my life to this day. “Team work” is an overused and often empty catch phrase; at Rez I experienced the freeing and joyful reality of it.”

The Rev. Dr. Christian Hofreiter
Director, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Research fellow, Oxford Center for Apologetics

“We cherish our relationship with Church of the Rez and are continuously encouraged by their vitality and vision. It’s a great privilege to work together with them as partners in ministry. We are encouraged that the vision of the folks at this excellent church will continue to develop and grow as God blesses and leads them forward.”

The Rev. Dr. John Yates, Rector
The Falls Church Anglican, Falls Church, VA

“My curacy with RenewDC provided critical formation for urban church planting. The camaraderie and oversight helped shape both my ministry skills and my maturity.”

The Rev. Aaron Damiani, Rector
Immanuel Anglican Church
Uptown Chicago

“RenewDC is committed to the Gospel of Christ, the expansion of His Church, and the training and development of leaders for this work. ������������������������������������������������������������������������Their clear vision for ministry should be an incredible attraction for an ordained leader who wants to bring the Gospel to bear in the midst of the nation’s most complex���and conflicted…arena.  We need more churches like Rez in and around our nation’s capital and I am fully impressed with the RenewDC plan to make it so.”

The Rev. Canon David Roseberry
Rector/Dean Christ Church, Plano, TX

“One of the great privileges of my life and ministry as a bishop is my close friendship and partnership with the RenewDC team as we labor together to plant, grow, and care for thriving, reproducing Anglican churches. The dynamic of our work together for the sake of the Gospel, plus the joy of seeing the Holy Spirit actually reshape us as leaders together, are life-changing blessings. I am grateful for the leaders and churches of RenewDC!”

The RT. Rev. Dr. Steven Breedlove
Bishop and Presider, PEARUSA

“Oh, to have had an opportunity like this when I left seminary. The spiritual richness, theological strength, emotional health, missional energy, and relational pleasure I enjoy in my friendship with these pastors and churches is one of the most enriching aspects of my ministry life. I just wish I had found it earlier!”

 The Rev. Greg Thompson, Senior Pastor
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA