New Opportunities

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RenewDC is not actively seeking additional clergy to join the team at this time.



To Apply:

Submit a CV or resume, a completed copy of this application and a cover letter indicating position(s) of interest to


Write to us at Make sure to include your phone number and we���ll get back to you via email or telephone.

Our Ideal Applicant

  • Has a seminary degree and at least some pastoral experience.
  • Loves God’s Word, studies it carefully, and is comfortable in the pulpit.
  • Has a heart for evangelism and pushing the church outward.
  • Has skill and a strong interest in discipleship beyond Sunday services.
  • Is a mature theologian whose doctrine is consistent with that described in the (thirty-nine) Articles of Religion and the Jerusalem Declaration.
  • Is a warm, hospitable, flexible, loyal, people-person.
  • Loves to worship, has a robust devotional life, and takes prayer seriously.
  • Enjoys and appreciates the Anglican tradition and is able to lead worship in it.
  • Is a confident self-starter who can work fairly independently and take on responsibilities from the start.
  • Has some experience managing teams and volunteers.
  • If married, has a wife eager to engage the women of the church; if single, has a high view of women and conducts himself in relationships with wisdom and integrity.